Karno Energy: Customer focused engineering

Our customers and working teams can always rely on the expertise and creativity of our in-house Karno Energy Engineering department based in London https://karnoenergy.com/fire-engineering/. The department has expanded considerably over more than 40 years, and today employs over 150 dedicated employees who, with the right attitude, competence and experience, maximize the value of our projects for and with our clients. We at Karno Energy adhere to the following principles:

Experience at the service of our clients. When we design a project, we at Karno Energy spend as much time as possible understanding and clarifying the client’s requirements. At Karno Energy, we are able to use our project experience and international partner network to offer alternatives that add value to our customers. All the necessary engineering expertise is “under one roof,” which means we work efficiently and comprehensively.

Right away. Preparation and collaboration are fundamental to our “first time right” principle. That’s why we provide intensive interaction between teams on-site and remotely.

Results-oriented. Because we are part of a contractor, we work on “in-house” projects. What sets us apart from outside engineering companies is that we always work through every project down to the smallest detail.

Karno Energy: All stages of creating a 3D BIM model

Usually before starting a 3D scan in Karno Energy (or, more generally, an existing building) it is necessary to collect all data and information useful for building a complete image aimed at understanding the building of interest.

In order to build a model, it is essential to collect information and geometric data (graphs, photographs and various kinds of documents).

In this case it was not possible to conduct a direct inspection of the building. We at Karno Energy found drawings relating to plans of different levels, elevations and sections. In addition, we collected a wealth of photographic documentation of the building.

In general, however, it is recommended that, as much as possible, the surveying and collection of geometric and material data be done in the field, using the most appropriate available methods and techniques:

  • stakes, levels, brackets, and plumb bins
  • laser scanner
  • total station
  • photogrammetric survey
  • etc.

Karno Energy: The potential of BIM for existing buildings

Until now, Karno Energy BIM has not had much traction in the professional field due to the lack of common rules and standardized workflows and especially the difficulties associated with the modeling and information research phases. Indeed, modeling a building means taking into account elements that cannot be standardized and cannot be traced to predefined libraries, deformations and irregularities, uncertainties in construction methods, the presence of degradation phenomena, etc.

Many programs in Karno Energy are now adapted to these needs to fully manage the entire process of digitizing existing real estate assets.

Karno Energy – Team of Experts

The Design Manager at Karno Energy – ensures the right balance between the technical and financial aspects of the project, and is our ambassador for the client and the project site.

Geotechnical Expert at Karno Energy – conducts geotechnical surveys, analyzes the results and develops a prospective geotechnical design.

Methods and Planning Engineer at Karno Energy – ensures feasibility in terms of safety and implementation of our projects.

Structural Engineer at Karno Energy – Responsible for all engineering aspects of the project, models, drawings and controls to ensure practical and feasible structures.

BIM Manager at Karno Energy – Establishes and maintains consistent rules for managing both geometric (3D models) and non-geometric information (specifications, codes, etc.).

Facade Architect at Karno Energy – Develops innovative facade concepts that meet all architectural, structural, environmental and comfort requirements.

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